In Madden NFL 21, there are many outstanding players who have graced the professional game with their tremendous talents and great achievements, and left on a high due to their age or unfortunate passing.

If you are an active Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) player looking to add a few noticeable Legends players into your star-studded squad, these commendable historic players can definitely improve the team in more ways than one – especially if you can nab them under 10k MUT coins each!

Let’s roll on with the list now, shall we?

1) Lee Roy Selmon, RE (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Legends): OVR 86

– Selmon was a huge player for The Pewter Pirates, making many defensive blocks and rushes against opposing teams left and right. This Legends card commemorates his unfortunate passing in 2011, ensuring you are still able to have a renowned legendary player within your MUT squad ranks.

Strength, STR (General): 85

Power Moves, PMV (Pass Rush): 85

Acceleration, ACC (General): 84

Block Shedding, BSH (Run Defence): 84

Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 83

2) Cliff Harris, FS (Dallas Cowboys, Legends): OVR 86

– Now 72 years of age, Harris was a prime safety during his time with Dallas Cowboys. He is pacey and quick to intercept passes, while also keen on overpowering ball carriers through his jumping tackles.

Zone Coverage, ZCV (Coverage): 85

Speed, SPD (General): 83

Acceleration, ACC (General): 83

Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 83

Hit Power, POW (Run Defence): 83

3) Tony Gonzalez, TE (Atlanta Falcons, Legends): OVR 86

– The American sports analyst was once a respected Tight End in gridiron football. Although his defensive prowess was average on paper, it is his offensive capabilities which helped his team surprise many opposition teams throughout the NFL seasons.

Jumping, JMP (General): 86

Catching, CTH (Receiving): 85

Catch in Traffic, CIT (Receiving): 85

Short Route Running, SRR (Receiving): 85

Carrying, CAR (After the Catch): 84

4) Chris Cooley, TE (Washington Football Team, Legends): OVR 86

– Another formidable Tight End during his glory days, Chris Cooley was similarly good like Tony Gonzalez. Both playing for different teams during their careers, it is almost natural that both of them were always talked up upon when facing each other.

Catch in Traffic, CIT (Receiving): 85

Spectacular Catch, SPC (Receiving): 85

Short Route Running, SRR (Receiving): 85

Catching, CTH (Receiving): 84

Break Tackle, BTK (After the Catch): 84

5) Mo Lewis, LOLB (New York Jets, Legends): OVR 86

– Morris Clyde Lewis III is always looking for an opportunity to catch a runner down the flanks. Mostly deployed on the left side as an Outside Linebacker, his relentless pursuit of the ball carrier makes him a trustworthy teammate to cover one side of the field safely.

Hit Power, POW (Run Defence): 86

Tackle, TAK (Run Defence): 85

Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 85

Power Moves, PMV (Pass Rush): 85

Block Shedding, BSH (Run Defence): 84

Do you still have enough MUT coins to spend on these amazing Legends players?

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