First, people like to risk as well easy money. Statistical calculation argues that about 80% of players remain in negative territory or “with their own”. Also only 15-20% works in positive territory. At the same time, there are professional players whose only source of income is the rates. They develop their own system, constantly analyse the available information, possibly use some kind of insider data and make the most passable forecasts for sports. However, at this level, only a few players leave.

Bets on very high odds

A high index always looks tempting in Situs Judi Online, especially if the player knows the team and is confident that she will win. As an example you can bet on FC Barcelona. One of the strongest teams, the co-efficient, for the victory of which practically does not rise above 1.3. It suddenly bookmakers offer to bet at the rate of 2.0. Many players will put it without hesitation. However, one should not underestimate the logic of the office. Perhaps one or more of the leading players in the team were injured. The next match is of little value and only newcomers will come out on the field.

Team photo

This will inevitably affect the odds and chances of the game Euphoria and tilt. The first arises after a series of non-stop victories. The second is from a series of defeats. In both cases it is necessary to keep composure. At any moment the situation can change. Bets with inadequate information are another mistake that is peculiar even to very experienced players. In order to make a confident forecast for the sport, you need to know everything about the team, its composition and health of each player, motivation, general atmosphere and statistics of previous meetings.

Bets on low odds

Some players, even experienced, try to put exclusively on favourites. They are not upset by the minimum coefficient as they are confident that the team will certainly win, and therefore let not a small, but the correct winnings already in your pocket. And in most cases it happens. But sometimes at the last moment the favourite falls ill, an important player leaves the team, the athletes lose their mood for the game.

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