There is no doubt that online poker is getting hugely popular around the world. The benefits of mobile poker are so vivid that people don’t prefer to visit land-based casinos now. After all, you can play from the comfort of your house and also get so many options to play without spending any additional cost. So, there is no point in dressing up and visiting casinos, right?

But, have you ever wondered how online poker came into existence? Every revolutionary event has a strong history behind it. If you want to be an avid poker player, knowing the background can make you feel more interested in the game.

Story of IRC and Virtual Poker

Internet poker was first developed in the 90s. At that time Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was used to play the game. Initially, the games were lack of technology and quite slower than today’s streamlined pokers. Then, players have to put commands and wait to receive the response. The entire thing was time-consuming and a bit boring too.

Later the improvements in graphics came making people get interested in the game. At that time, virtual money was used to play poker games. So, that was a great experience for the beginners who wanted to learn the game without risking money.

Real Money Poker Made Its Appearance

Though the free games were interesting, that lack the thrill of the actual poker game as no real money was involved so far. It was in 1998 when real money got involved with the virtual poker game with the invention of Planet Poker. Founded by Mike Karo, the pro poker player, this site was the pioneer of the fellow poker sites in the future.

After the creation, in merely a few months Planet Poker became famous and throughout the year, Planet idn spin Poker was enjoyed at every corner of the world with great enthusiasm. Then, in 1999, Paradise Poker came into the scene and shared the popularity of Planet Poker by introducing Seven Card Stud Poker and Omaha, along with with the traditional, Texas Hold’em. Paradise Poker was on the lead quickly and ruled the world of online poker till 2000 when the Ultimate Bet was invented.

2001 Brought the Trend of Tournament

So far, online poker games were fun, but the excitement was still missing. Finally, there was an explosion in the world of online poker in 2001 with the introduction of multi-table tournaments. This year, sites like PokerStars and Party Poker came into existence. These sites are responsible for taking the spirit of the poker tournaments high. Soon, more and more players started to take part in those tournaments. The game became the center of winning prizes and opportunities.

These are the chronological events that have shaped the modern picture of online poker. From now on whenever you play the game, this history will keep you excited. You can feel the right spirit of the game each time.

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