There are numerous online casinos with starting credit. Whether a bonus makes sense for you depends entirely on your personal needs and your gaming behavior. As a rule of thumb it can be said that fans of slot machines can do more with a bonus than fans of cards or roulette.

The right choice of bonus depends on being clear about your own player profile. If you only want to venture a few bets here and there in one or the other game and appear sporadically in your casino, you will have difficulties meeting extensive turnover requirements. An online casino with starting credit may be the better alternative for him . Starting credit, on the other hand, should not bring joy for very long to players who bet a lot and high. And they have the disadvantage of not being very widespread. The number of casinos that can be selected according to this criterion is extremely manageable.

The complete waiver of an online casino bonus or starting credit has the advantage that you do not have to deal with a confusing wealth of regulations. Your casino account is clear from the start: The entire balance is yours and is not subject to any betting or withdrawal restrictions. Unpleasant surprises are impossible.

So you reject a bonus

But you don’t have to accept a bonus. If you have decided to do without an extra bonus, you have to make this unmistakably clear to the casino and it’s slots. This is often very easy when registering because the provider provides you with a corresponding button. If this option does not exist, you should contact customer service before logging in . He will help you exclude bonuses. In many casinos they come into force automatically if you do not take any action. Only very rarely does it work the other way around: Then you have to request the bonus with an email – which you can of course leave.

Conclusion: You should only accept a bonus if you are well informed!

A best casino bonuscan give you a lot of joy. But you should have understood exactly what it means. For this it is essential that you carefully study the terms and conditions of a casino and also consult additional information about the bonus rules. A serious and customer-friendly provider will support you to the best of their ability. This includes easy to find and clearly formulated regulations as well as competent and helpful customer service, which should be available to you in English and around the clock. If his employees only press around or feed you off with general information and if the provider’s website hides information rather than providing unambiguous information, I advise you not to visit such a casino – even if it has an official gambling license.

What actually happens if I disregard the wagering requirements for my bonus?

Not only does the casino not pay out any winnings. It removes them completely, as well as the entire online casino bonus.

Is there a casino bonus with no wagering requirements?

Yes, something like this has appeared on the market recently, but it is very rare. A provider who waives the wagering requirements, however, combines exclusive free bonuses with an upper limit of 100 euros.

Which slot is the best to play the bonus with?

First make sure that the respective slot is not excluded in the casino’s bonus conditions. Then look at the so-called RTP (return to player, in English payout rate), this should be as high as possible. Most machines have a payout rate of around 95%, but some slots have values as high as 99%. The house edge is then significantly lower and you lose less on average than in games with a higher house edge. But you can also just play the slot that you enjoy the most, for example Startburst from NetEnt, Game of Thrones from Microgaming or Book of Dead from Play’n GO. Sometimes there are also new games that the casino advertises and with which you can get additional bonuses through the associated promotions.

Can I also use the casino bonus with sports betting?

Quite a few online casinos also have a sports betting section on their website. However, this usually has its own bonus offer, which is only valid there. Then the casino bonus is only valid for casino games. However, there are definitely casinos that allow playing through the bonus conditions with sports betting.

What advantages do existing customers get?

A good casino takes care of its loyal customers with a loyalty program or VIP program and regularly organizes special promotions that usually only require a small deposit amount. As with the deposit bonus, this can simply be doubled or there are additional free play gifts or a free play promotion.

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