India is a country full of colors. It is also a nation with extremely different varieties of games and activities. It is filled with diversity and different cultures, where games also play an important part. We know how India is the origin of wrestling and kabaddi, but it also has some extremely entertaining indoor games like chess and carrom.

When you are at home with your family during the lockdown, you will find that everyone gets lazy and bored till the evening. So, here we have some games for you which you can play while the sun sets, during this unfortunate situation.

  1. Chess

Chess was originated in India and is an evolved version of the game Chaturanga. It is a very famous game in Indian families. Kids grow up learning chess from their parents or siblings. It is a game that tests your mind and strategies that is why every parent wants their kids to play this game.

India is also famous for playing chess tournaments, internationally, giving the game a very respectable position in the family of board games.

  • Ludo
  • Ludo is also a very old game in India. It is famous since the time when we didn’t have television connections 24/7. It is the best mode of entertainment to fight a lazy afternoon or spend the less productive evening. You can indulge in a game of Ludo with your family after work. The game brings so much excitement even today.

    It is a go-to choice for a simple game that creates enough excitement and challenges your strategical skills as well.

  • Online Rummy
  • Online rummy is one of the most popular games ever. It is a skill-based game that requires you to strategize, analyze, and make quick decisions with perfect observations. Rummy is an age-old game and has been a part of India for a very long time.

    People play rummy to pass time or even to earn money. Though one has to practice regularly to become a pro of the game, beginners can still win some real cash in rummy.

    Online rummy is convenient and can be played with family and friends. It can even be played alone on an office break when you want to do something exciting.

  • Snakes & Ladders
  • Snakes & Ladders is an extremely fun board game. It is a very simple game but brings the whole family together for some fun. It can also be called a game of destiny and luck where you roll the dice and that dice decides your future in the game.

  • Carrom
  • Carrom is an Indian game that later became popular all over the world. It is a game of geometric calculations. This is the perfect game to turn your lazy evening with your friends and family into a fun and exciting time.

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