Due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more traders are offering trading products on these underlyings. For example, in the field of online trading, crypto are now available on ripple. In crypto trading investors unlike the direct purchase of ripple have no coins, files or tokens. You can imagine a ripple crypto like a security: Investors participate directly in the development of the price but do not physically own ripple. Visit https://3wtrade.com/ if you need to know more about it.

  • For example, if you want to trade ripple as crypto, you can use Plus500. Incidentally, Plus500 offers a deposit via credit card and PayPal, as well as a very fast account opening.
  • Of course you can also use any other crypto broker of your choice. In your search for the right provider you support our crypto broker comparison and our comparison of the crypto brokers.

Tip: While a direct purchase from Ripple is for investors who want to invest long-term or who want to pay with the digital currency, cryptos are suitable for those who want to speculate on the price of digital currencies. In addition, cryptos allow investors to bet on both rising and falling prices of an Underlying.

Where can i buy ripple on trading platforms?

If you want to know how to buy ripple, it is best to open an account with one of the various payment service providers, such as bitfinex, Kraken or bitstamp. After depositing the appropriate amount of money (for example, by bank transfer or credit card) ripple coins can now be purchased. The corresponding account balance is then stored on the network and the owner can at any time sell the cyber currency and have the balance paid out to his private account.

Buy “real” ripple for your own wallet

A wallet is an electronic wallet that is similar to a checking account: with a wallet, you can make transfers and receive digital money. The fees for this are usually very low. If you do not want to leave your coins on the exchange, there is the option of using the online wallet, for example from Gatehub. This provider is also recommended by Ripple himself, but of course it is free to anyone where he stores his crypto currencies. Registration requires the entry of a mail address and a password.

For users worried that hackers might attack exchangers or online wallets, there is the option of using the Rippex desktop wallet. This is a full desktop client for Ripple.

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